Annual Family Health And Safety Fair

    Hundreds of green and white balloons swirled around the huge Sports Hub of Glendale Heights Village as the annual ‘Go Green’ Fair welcomed the public from 5-8 pm with colorful gifts, useful handouts and demonstrations on family health and safety. The Glendale Heights Barangay Lions handed out brochures on Diabetes Awareness, diabetic retinopathy, recycling of used eyeglasses, Camp Lions for hearing and vision impaired kids. The club handed out ‘Candy Day’ candies to advertise Candy Day campaign during the weekend. Heartfelt thanks to: Freda Marzan, Lilia Narciso, Christine Kare, Jay Cadiz, Henry Kare and Jess Galvez.

Walk Your Child To School At Glen Hill

    Five Lion volunteers came early to Glen Hill Elementary School to prepare breakfast snacks and drinks, set up the gym for the hordes of eager kindergarten to 4th graders who will walk to school with their parents and enjoy the camaraderie and fun with their teachers before morning classes. The club provided the snacks and drinks and helped prepare the gym for the gathering. Special thanks to: Henry Kare, Lilia Narciso, Jake Retuta, Jay Cadiz and Jess Galvez.

Used Eyeglasses Counting And Sorting

The Glendale Heights Barangay Lions Club counted 1,200 used eyeglasses deposited at the club’s collection box at a strip mall on Army Trail/Bloomingdale Rd. The members held the counting last Oct. 3 at Adeline Fajardo’s place. The five bags of used eyeglasses will be donated to the Lions of Illinois Foundation to be cleaned, recalibrated and distributed to Third World countries. Besides collecting used eyeglasses, the club in partnership with LensCrafters of Stratford Square Mall provides free eye exam and eyeglasses to the poor of Glendale Heights community. Thanks to volunteers Adeline Fajardo, Efcy Formacion, Freda Marzan, Susan Galvez, Jun Fajardo, Jay Cadiz, Jake Retuta and Henry Kare.