Christmas Caroling

    In early November, some 20 volunteer carolers started rehearsing for the Christmas caroling. From Dec. 4 through Dec. 19, the group (under the direction of Maestro Bobby Tolentino) would start their weekend caroling visits to homes and parties and senior citizen groups. The group was invited to 4 Christmas parties, 5 homes and 2 senior citizen groups. The carolers netted more than $3,000 in their fundraising efforts.

Trip to Horseshoe Casino

    More than 20 passengers seeking good luck and good fortune at the gaming tables joined the Casino Trip to Horseshoe in Indiana as part of the club’s fund raising activity. Horseshoe Casino provides the round trip free ride, the club provides the passengers who are charged $15.00 each. Coffee and donuts are served on the outbound trip, wine on the inbound trip to toast the lucky winners.