Candy Day in Bright, Sunny September

     The Annual Candy Day came early to the Glendale Heights Barangay Lions. In place of the October 11-12 annual statewide Candy Day, the GHB Lions opted to hold Candy Day a month early — September 13-14, to soak up the warm, sunny September weather. 15 Lions and 3 family volunteers hawked Candy Day to suburban commuters and supermarket shoppers at the busy street crossing of Army Trail/Bloomingdale Rd, North Ave./Bloomingdale Rd and the store front of Valli Produce Market on North Ave, asking for generous donations for people with vision and hearing impairments and aid to people in need of free eye exam and glasses. The Lions handed out LifeSavers candy rolls as a token of appreciation for the generous donations. For two days, the volunteers decked in yellow jackets made people on the streets aware of what Lions Clubs are all about and the wonderful service they do to help others. The volunteer Lions and family workers raised more than $1,900 for Candy Day.